Bobbie is a young, light complected person seen here standing outside, smiling at the camera. She is wearing a denim shirt and a silver chain necklace. She has dyed orange, red and brown hair cut into a short mullet

Bobbi Kulp, Executive Coordinator

Bobbi Kulp works as the Executive Coordinator at Vision Change Win. She is responsible for coordinating our Executive Director’s schedule to ensure they can accomplish every and anything they have to do as well as supporting a number of VCW projects

Bobbi is a grassroots, labor organizer and artist based in Philadelphia. She emphasizes
compassion and care for your fellow worker in her work as well as achieving material change for the working class. Through her work in a number of different organizations she has seen a need for building power in the left and aims to help build that power with her fellow workers. She enthusiastically joins the VCW Team offering her organizational skills and strategies to continue to help make our movements stronger.